The Partnership

The region known as Florida's First Coast is one of the fastest growing in the nation and has received recent acclaim as a top location for new and emerging businesses and industries to relocate or expand. One way to help the local growing industry is to develop a shared resource support facility in the area of engineering design and manufacturing. A National Science Foundation (NSF) research grant has been awarded to the University of North Florida (UNF) College of Engineering, Computing, and Construction to establish a Manufacturing Innovation Partnership (MIP) Program with two primary objectives:

  1. To develop a shared design and manufacturing center providing resources for the local manufacturing and design companies to aid in the economic and technical development of the Northeast Florida Region.
  2. To improve the technical education and preparation of the future workforce in the region.

The Florida's First Coast Manufacturing Innovation Partnership (MIP) Program serves as a catalyst for the high technology growth sector of the region while also enhancing the development of scientifically and technologically literate engineering workforce.


  • To stimulate transformation of knowledge in design and manufacturing occurring in the academic domain to the applied research and development in the industrial field through project-centered innovations developed using a shared design and manufacturing resource for technology transfer.
  • To develop partnerships with the local public academic institutions with the common goal of producing students whose education satisfies the needs of the regional workforce with a more scientifically and technologically literate workforce trained with relevance to industry including mentorship to attract and retain engineering students for the future.
  • To implement Florida's First Coast Manufacturing Innovation Partnership Program for long-term sustainability of technology transfer and creation of high-technology jobs in the engineering manufacturing and design professions.